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Yellow Bluff

Yellow Bluff is at the corner of the bay and is so named for the imposing yellow cliffs that form the corner of the bay and the Front Beach. On top of the yellow cliffs is the beautifully named Elephant Walk, an open space area functioning as a common. A visit from the circus in… Read More »

Torquay Front Beach

Torquay Front Beach has long been called just Front Beach but for a brief period during the 1920s it was called the Surf Beach as beachgoers rarely ventured around the corner where the ocean was more treacherous. The first Torquay Surf Club was actually set among the bathing boxes on the Front Beach and and… Read More »

Whites Beach

Whites Beach is the beautiful stretch of sand between Fishermans Beach and Point Impossible named after Andrew White. White, an Englishman from Warwickshire, came to Australia in 1852 and took up land all around Torquay. His home was at Stretton Park, Connewarre, and White added to his property whenever he could and he eventually owned… Read More »

Point Impossible

Point Impossible at the northern end of Zeally Bay is aptly named as asscesing it was difficult if not impossible. In the winter, when Thompsons Creek was running, the swampland was boggy and the keen surfers of the early 60s would drive out The Esplanade until it turned into the old tip road, they would… Read More »

Zeally Bay

Zeally Bay is the biggest bay in Torquay. It’s made up of two sweeps, the biggest stretching from Point Impossible to the Yellow Bluff and the smaller sweep from Yellow Bluff to Point Danger. In the early 1840s, two squatters took up much of the land that makes up what we know as present day… Read More »

History on the beaches

TORQUAY has an abundance of beautiful worldclass beaches and for many of us who have lived here for a long time, we have had ample opportunity to enjoy them with a great deal of solitude. It’s not so these days, with Torquay transitioning itself from a holiday destination town of a few thousand traditionally older… Read More »