The ring thing

By | March 10, 2016

The use of a ring as a symbol of matrimony is deeply established in most western cultures, and its circular shape, one with no beginning and no end, embodies the eternity of marriage. Even its position on the left hand arises from the belief the vein of the ring finger travels directly to the heart, honouring the concept of endless love.
The diamond engagement ring has long been the subject of envy from women the world over.
Your engagement and wedding ring carries major significance and is one of the most emotionally significant moments during your wedding planning experience.
Coming from a trade with skills perfected over hundreds of years, handmade rings are crafted with love.
They are individual, inherently stronger and made to last a lifetime.
In purchasing from a qualified jeweller you can be part of the designing process.
From discussion regarding design to the selection of stones – a handmade ring results in a more meaningful creation.
The process should be an exciting, romantic and fun experience.
Aside from its aesthetic appeal, there is a complex anatomy attached to this heart-yearning piece of jewellery and should therefore be an informed decision with the assistance of a qualified jeweller.
Lili Fine Jewellery is the only manufacturing jewellers on the Surf Coast where you can meet and discuss directly with the jeweller about your ring made to order.
Lili Fine Jewellery is located at Corner of Pearl Street and Boston Road, Torquay, 3228. Phone 5261 9999 or visit
THE FOUR Cs COLOUR When it comes to colour, less is more. The whiter the diamonds the better, and chances are all diamonds you see and will be able to afford will range from white to yellow. Determined through a range of alphabets, D, E and F refer to colourless (white) diamonds while G,H, I and J are nearly colourless. CUT The cut refers to the workmanship of a diamond and the manner in which it has been polished and shaped to give it its brilliance and fire. Not to be confused with a diamond’s shape, a stone’s cut (or make) refers to the number, placement, and shape of the facets that create a finished diamond. The light performance of a diamond is solely defined by its cut, and is the most important contributor to the beauty and sparkle of a diamond.
CLARITY Clarity is the measure of the number of blemishes (external defects) and inclusions (internal defects) of a stone. An SI1 or SI2 (SI= slight inclusions) diamond has inclusions or blemishes larger than a grain of salt when viewed under 10x magnification. CARAT The final C refers to the carat of a diamond, a unit of weight (not to be confused with karat, which indicates gold’s purity). A carat is equivalent to a fifth of a gram, or exactly 200 milligrams. The larger the diamond, the more valuable it becomes, since larger diamonds are both rarer and more desired.