Fire Danger Period ends locally

By | April 14, 2016

The fire danger period (FDP) has officially ended for much of the Geelong region, but the CFA As of Monday this week, the FDP was no longer in force in the City of Greater Geelong, the Borough of Queenscliffe, the Surf Coast Shire and the Golden Plains Shire. However, CFA District 7 acting operations a potential danger, as they travelled faster than a person could run and could threaten properties within minutes. He said residents who wanted to conduct private burn-offs on their properties needed to follow some basic rules, and be aware of weather conditions and local council laws. “We’re urging people to do the right thing by checking conditions and registering their burn-offs.
“Every year our brigades get more and more frustrated at the number of false alarm calls they have to respond to as a result of people not doing the right thing.
“Be aware that any calls to Triple Zero about smoke in the air at particular locations are crosschecked with the burn-off register. When nothing “Calls to unregistered burn-offs take volunteer potentially genuine emergencies. “If you haven’t registered your burn, you can you to ‘please explain’.”
Burning off undergrowth and other vegetation is generally permitted outside of the Fire Danger Period, but landowners should register their burn-off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) by phoning 1800 668 511 or emailing
Mr McGill said whether people registered a burn-off by phone or email, they should be prepared to give some basic information including the contact details of the person managing the burn-off.
“The burn off line is very easy to use – the operators are friendly, and prompt you by asking the key questions.”
For more information about the rules regarding burning off, head to