Additional needs trolleys rolled out at Coles

By | April 14, 2016

PARENTS and carers who have children with a disability can now access a specially-designed supermarket trolley at Coles stores in the Geelong region.
The introduction of the additional needs trolley at the Torquay and Ocean Grove stores is the culmination of three years of research by Coles to design and manufacture a trolley that can assist parents with children who have a disability to shop with greater convenience and support.
Originally based on a US trolley known as “Caroline’s Cart”, the trolley allows for a child of up to 70 kilograms in weight and has padding on the sides, a harness and additional support in its structure. Following the national roll out of additional needs trolleys over the past 12 months, all Coles supermarkets with standard trolleys now have an additional needs trolley, manufactured by Queensland company QHDC Australia. Coles operations and supply chain director Andy Coleman said he was pleased with the positive response Coles had received from customers who use the specially-designed trolley during their grocery shop. “We want to help our customers to shop easily at our stores. The trolley ensures that parents and carers no longer need to juggle a wheelchair and shopping basket during their shop at Coles. It means they are able to place all their groceries in a trolley while also having their child seated safely.”
Australian Network on Disability chief executive officer Suzanne Colbert and the organisation welcomed the work Coles has done in meeting the needs of customers that require these trolleys.
“By having accessible shopping trolleys available in stores across Australia, Coles is making it easier for families of children with disability to do their grocery shopping, without the experience causing undue stress or anxiety. “Coles is demonstrating its commitment to access and inclusion for everyone by thinking outside the box and addressing the needs of customers with specific requirments”. The additional needs trolley is available from the customer service desk at Torquay and Ocean Grove.
Signage is also displayed at the front of the store to encourage customers to access the additional needs trolley.