Zeally Bay

By | March 10, 2016

Zeally Bay is the biggest bay in Torquay.
It’s made up of two sweeps, the biggest stretching from Point Impossible to the Yellow Bluff and the smaller sweep from Yellow Bluff to Point Danger.
In the early 1840s, two squatters took up much of the land that makes up what we know as present day Torquay.
Elias Harding occupied about eight square miles encompassing the current township and stretching as far west as Point Addis, his neighbour on the north side was William Neil who had South Beach Run.
By 1851, Neil had left the area and squatter Robert Zeally, who had originally settled down in the Camperdown area, arrived and took over the South Beach holding.
Zeally, a bachelor farmer, held South Beach Run for 18 years and consequently the bay bears his name.