Point Impossible

By | March 10, 2016

Point Impossible at the northern end of Zeally Bay is aptly named as asscesing it was difficult if not impossible.
In the winter, when Thompsons Creek was running, the swampland was boggy and the keen surfers of the early 60s would drive out The Esplanade until it turned into the old tip road, they would keep going hoping the swamp, which looked dry and passable, proved just that.
They were often caught short and this meant a trek to the local farmers house in an attempt to talk him into dragging their cars out with his tractor.
If the tip track was deemed too wet a bumpy, an improvised detour track took you out around the swamp and back in again nearer to Breamlea.
Such was the lust to try waves in un-surfed spots they took their chances and more often than not came unstuck, and friendly relations with the farmers was vital to avoiding a long, cold walk back to town.