By | April 14, 2016

I know I shouldn’t hoard so many things, but sometimes you’re just not ready to ditch the knick knacks, the old diaries, the collection of CDs that are rarely, if ever, played. In time I will toss these in various directions – to the op shop or wherever is most appropriate – but only when ready.
Same goes for just a couple of recipes that are still held under lock and key, because for now I have a need to just keep them as uniquely mine. Sorry.
But I do want to share with you a handy kitchen tip that I picked up recently while watching one of Rachel Khoo’s food programs.
Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog a new trick had it wrong.
In all the years of cooking, and all the kilos of green ginger that I have peeled, I’d never have thought of using a spoon? Would you?
I mean who would have thought? I hasten to add that I am definitely not a kitchen gadget type person.
I have no need to have the latest little thingy-me-bob to clutter the second drawer down.
But watching Rachel peel ginger with a spoon had me intrigued – and it does really work!
So may I share Rachel’s handy hint with you. I used a dessert spoon and found it so easy to get in and around all the nobly bits. Give it a try.
This leads me back to the use of ginger in many much-loved recipes of mine, and also has me musing over the nickname “Ginger” for anyone with red hair and freckles.
I’ve been called “Blood Nut” or “Ginger” over the years. Not that I would be now as I’m “silver maned”. And I’m impressed with that talented Tim Minchin who penned the following line in one of his songs: “Only a Ginger can call another ginger, ginger.” So true. We redheads are quite clan-like!
But enough of my musings and back to the kitchen.
Of course there are many types of ginger – fresh, crystalised, ground ginger powder, pickled – and each has the ability to add a bit of warmth, zing and uplifting notes to many recipes. For example, ground ginger added to your favourite banana cake recipe, or adding fresh ginger to plain ol’ pumpkin soup works a treat!
So, back to the sharing (or not) of recipes. Here’s a slice recipe that I created as a nod to another addictive slice I make from time to time. And when I do, everyone just raves about how yummy it is.
And here is its transmutation – a ginger and macadamia nut slice that I think has the potential to knock the socks off the original chocolate-hazelnut one!
The recipe requires melting chocolate – and I’m hopeless at melting chocolate in the microwave oven – but I know many others who are expert at this.
So I use the method of a metal bowl over a small pot of simmering water – but you must not allow any steam to curl over into the bowl, nor the water to touch the base of the bowl as this will make the chocolate “seize” and make it difficult to spread.
The melted nut chocolate becomes a luscious thick icing.
I have dubbed this the Ginger Mac Slice – mindful of that cartoon character Ginger Megs. It’s a bit cheeky on the palate, with the hit of ginger.
In fact you could also add into the biscuit base some finely diced glace ginger. Yum!