Ginger Mac Slice [ RECIPE ]

By | April 14, 2016


2 x 250gm packets ginger nut biscuits
1-2 teaspns ground ginger
250gm butter
4 tablspns golden syrup
395gm tin condensed milk
2 x 250gm blocks macadamia milk chocolate
1/3 cup Dutch cocoa
1 tablspn (extra) ground ginger


Use a food processor to make coarse crumbs from the ginger nut biscuits. Place these in a bowl with the ground ginger. Meantime, slowly melt the butter with generous tablespoons of golden syrup and the tin of condensed milk. Stir this mixture so that it doesn’t catch or burn in the saucepan – it will deepen in colour as it caramelises.

Combine the melted butter mixture with the crumbs and tip this mix into a plastic or metal slice tray (approx 20 x 30cm) which is lined with cling film. Press the crumb mixture firmly into the tray. Melt the blocks of macadamia milk chocolate and spread this over the biscuit base. Leave to cool for five minutes and then dust the lot heavily with the Dutch cocoa mixed together with the extra ground ginger. Allow this to set overnight – do not store in the fridge. Turn the slice out on a chopping board – the cling film helps to draw it out of the tin. Cut into slices or blocks. Makes 16 generous pieces.